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Tom Mandel &
Daniel Davidson
Absence Sensorium

132 pages
ISBN 0-937013-64-1


In an e-mail ether Absence Sensorium passed between its 3000-mile-apart progenitors. Its renaissance silvas, 7-line stanzas whose lines are 7 or 11 syllables, enjamb a quantitative imperfect paradise of attention, deeply
traditional but wearing the indelible emblem of the damaged human present.

From the authors' distance and from the silent range of the medium, the poem gained its scope. No subject is foreign to AS; it does not disdain to hold the world in judgement.
--David Thomas Son-El

Tom Mandel and Daniel Davidson have done what two poets are not supposed to be able to do: they have jointly written a great long poem that is seamless, where you cannot tell where one leaves off and the other takes up. The whole is much more than the sum of the parts. Two enormous poetic talents and two richly imaginative perspectives on two lives combine to make a single magnificent poem, one that "holds the night between two pale fingers."
--George Lakoff