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Jim Leftwich

589 pages
ISBN 1-893541-30-4


...this is pure poetry...not of music, nor words...with something of meaning...with stunning conclusions...Leftwich has created here a living entity...not to be missed for its reality...
--Peter Ganick

* * *


In the unusual poetry of the visible the poetical line begins to vouchsafe a discernible cloud church where poem are interred in a field of energy, years mouth of these nouns oral becoming torso, and complexity hardens to product with that, each trying to narrate the onset of a poem, however one might arrive agonized at the music of discovery, the ears' views devolve before the piety of beauty, since the work of beauty is its yearning to incorporate. Better purity than understanding kindled with a musical wind. A new kind of freedom outside stillness and hurt by the investments of understanding. So gradually renascent poems reshape this the sown radiance of the garden its own medium stirred by embolic humus its rhythm a double prototype of withered concern and natural doubt not other nor for that matter nothing but atoms writhing arch midwife succubus formal within historical excrement therefore it became as no surprise hill mired in sympathetic fascination as early known as mundane astral acres shown each messianic self solely whatever justified hermetic contradiction into the dawn of times. Mostly the same. Herbal mostly verbs as such havens normal accordance to the richness of the works are a serial whole. Personally lyrical thirst leaks through. One last poetical verb as expectation. Gyrates on the tension between that and if. Tome under revenant singsthe graphical moment. The unintelligible sickness of sense. To witness by negation the sheared hollow of this space.