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Adrian Clark &
Robert Sheppard
Floating Capital:
new poets from London

125 pages
ISBN 0-937013-35-8


As ever the action moves between the decisive centers despite the generalized reports. Here London's most determining poets can be seen as out own, a Floating Capital of immense resource and articulate attention. A sound investment, like they say.
--Robert Creeley

No single definition can encompass the penetrating variety of what's included herein. To articulate a unity for this book is to cheapen it. Let London and latter part of 20th century be the bounds set to it. Now read it: and see how boundless this new work is. Interiors turned outside; posed for action. Begin.
--Dennis Barone

featuring work by:
Bob Cobbing
Allen Fisher
Gilbert Adair
Paul Brown
Chris Cheek
Adrian Clarke
Kelvin Concoran
Ken Edwards
Virginia Firnberg
Peter Middleton
Maggie O'Sullivan
Val Pancucci
Robert Sheppard
Hazel Smith