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Leslie Scalapino
Goya's L.A.

75 pages
ISBN 0-937013-45-5


The "forgotten narrative structure" of Goya's L.A. may be thought to be voyeuristically looking in on the visible products of its own invisible narrative mechanisms. These products are the play's characters, who survive the dissociation from structure through the practice of an intellectual nomadism. Scalapino has created a drastic and carnivalesque confrontation between the "nomadic" interiority where "learning" can go on and the overwhelming oversight of the "forgotten structure," whose own survival depends on its not being known.
--Carla Harryman

When is the writing? Herein is the written now. More Bosch than Breughel. More addiction than progression, adding up to before the beginning; after the end. Memory market. More nightmare than dream. Where is the writing? How is it a part of the horror and how is it apart from it? Linear is "still and silent," a loom to a silence beyond silence. There is always a war because power perpetuates a gulf and memory forgets. Know Goya's L.A. as our own dilemma, paradox, drama. Our country ("consistent is our delusion"). On stage!
--Dennis Barone