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Jessica Grim

86 pages
ISBN 0-937013-56-0


Reading and rereading this extraordinary manuscript, I find myself asking where these poems most completely come alive: word, line or "sentence"? The truth is I can't tell--the poems leap off the page at all levels, as if Jessica Grim has tapped into the secret of a fourth dimension. Playful, serious, intense and wise all at once, with an accurate eye and an absolute ear, Locale contains some of the most riveting poems of our time. The art of the 21st century starts here.
--Ron Silliman

After reading the works in Jessica Grim's Locale, it occured to me that Louis Zukofsky's two paradigmatic poetic qulaties were superbly evident in them. The locale of the title might be his "integral," conjoining "lower limit speech" with "upper limit music." Thus, while the variousness and clarity of Grim's phrasing is certainly musical, it is also evident that she has a great deal to say. And in this regard, the poems are radiant with what can only be called sincerity--Zukofsky's most mysterious term suggesting above all poetic lucidity and ethical precision. The overall themes, of boundaries and un- boundedness, of definitions and of change, are both moving and important. This is a major book--for Jessica Grim and for the book's readers. I hope they will be many.
--Lyn Hejinian

Jessica Grim is co-editor of Big Allis and a principal member of the legendary performance art ensemble known as Vaudeville Without Organs. In this, her third book, she emerges as a major figure in the field of contemporary writing. Journal fragments in bed with living tissue combine to coalesce, caress & bludgeon the "casual depending of depair." At once analytic, romantic and slyly humorous, La Grim rules.
--Tom Beckett