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Ivan Argüelles
Madonna Septet:
Volume One

466 pages
ISBN 1-893541-29-0


Argüelles is a scoundrel of cosmic proportions. He raids the great mythic foundations of our cognizance, east and west and reshapes them according to the whims of his own hyper- phantasmamystic muse. No one else shatters the eggshell of mind like this poetry, "what is that? Sex you medea you/ bring it all down Baby/ nail me to the cross no tantra/ mantra sutra diamong lapse OK." Argüelles is our neon intoxicated honky tonk Prometheus wailing in the demigurge's avisary. He reveals in the banquet of liberated soul and delivers an epic that flies higher and more beautifully than all others.
--Jake Berry

I'm really glad to hear that at last Argüelles is having a big book of his poems published. He is unique, the most outstanding poet since Ezra Pound for intellect, epic sweep--a vast range unseen since Pound--and sheer magnificence of language all your own. Mind-boggling indeed. Inebriating. A cascade of images, thoughts, experiences, feelings. An epic poet, the only one in America for that matter. I tell this to everyone so you may quote me wherever you like.
--Harold Norse