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Peter Ganick
Rectangular Morning Poem

89 pages
ISBN 0-937013-27-7


Rectangular Morning Poem. The morning from which he cuts the sculpture. Everyday. He means; not by ego's imposition as much as by any reader's own position. They meet. the crux of it, is its brush and sweep. Takes us in, but lets us go when and as we please. The common (the morn- ing) made marvelous. These 162 sayings are a sum of the generous mind. within these forms/ you are reunited.
--Dennis Barone

where there is no name/ where shadows freeze/ where forests clear out/ language takes on its own utterance: musing sight rather than perception, voice rather than speech. In these poems, Peter Ganick creates precisely this: a site specific place. This Rectangle has as its verticals the equality of historical facts, both personal and global, and as its horizontals, the poet's love for words. What fuels such love is intimate and challenging.
--Julia Blumenreich