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Michael Gottlieb
The River Road

60 pages
ISBN 0-937013-60-9


In The River Road, Michael Gottlieb's wry, perspicacious wit, acute social observation, and spinning phrases take no prisoners, nor free any, leaving us precisely where we are--but upside down & inside out & laughing. Here is a grand tour of human foibles by a modern day jongleur.
--Charles Bernstein

The humor in The River Road is laser-sharp and aimed. The interpersonal and social comments are very sharply placed and drawn. It's hard to imagine wit being put to better use.
--Alan Davies

Gottlieb's honest, funny and challenging poems are sites of resistance to the limits of everyday life and to what can be known, or stated outside of a poem. Furthermore, these gorgeous writings are more sophisticated than the wildest dreams.
--Carla Harryman